Honey Lemon Chicken


This recipe may be the easiest recipe ever known to man, but it is delicious!

All you need:

3-4 Chicken Breasts (cut into strips)
1 Lemon
2 tbsp organic, unpasteurized honey


You cook the chicken strips in a frying pan.  Mix the lemon and honey together until it has a smooth texture and pour over chicken when it’s no longer pink.  Stir around the chicken until it’s saturated in the sauce and leave for a couple minutes with a lid on and the stove on low.

Tastes great over quinoa or with stir fried or fresh veggies!

Bon appetit

Health and Happiness

Dr. Oz held a Health and Happiness Summit where some amazing speakers attended. This video shows the effects of non-nutritious foods on the cells in our bodies, the importance of removing mercury from our bodies and some of the other dangers in our homes.

I want a healthy home, how about you?